– Why local aid? –

There must be an alternative to the actual way of dealing with poverty, hunger and war threat, that is able to help independent of the financial situation of the ones affected. There must be a future to those, that do not or cannot leave their country.

– Guide line for the local aid –

The aim of any local aid to create sustainable structures, that allow prospects in the long run. Financial support should allow a help to help people themselves and try not to create new dependence. This however means, that the help needs to orientate on the cultural customs of the locals, avoid to impose western thinking to maintain the cultural identity of the suffering population.

– How can our projects be supported? –

Pleae help us to improve the living conditions of those, that remained in their country or nearby. Take godparent hoods for families or help to reunity families in Syria, so people have a future in their home countries again. In the medium run we want to offer voluntary work for young patriots in Syria and elsewhere to directly support some families and or villages through manual work and at the same time get the chance to get to know their culture and way of living far beyond touristic standards, living and working with them.

– What makes us different to other aid organisations? –

Thanks to our focus on identity and conserving way of helping, we are hoping to get support from those that have lost their trust into other aid organisations – for example because these have different interests than we as patriots.

– Why is our organization not under the labe of the Identitarian Movement? –

Through founding a new organization with own bank account, we wanted to separate the donations according to the intention: local aid in the countries of crisis or patriotic activism in Europe

– To whom we are directing our help? –

We want to help locally, independently of the confession or political views of the affected.

Aid Project in Libanon

–Do we only want to help in Libanon? –

No. Local aid can theoretically be offered anywhere, where it is needed. It however is obvious, that the situation in some countries is clearly more dramatic than for example in countries in western Europe. We have planned more aid projects in the Middle East.

– What is our help in Libanon? –

We decided to pay the monthly rent for the less wealthy families by raising money among European patriots. As a result, these families have a daily sorrow less and more money left to invest in their children’s education and future. We are also planning on promoting the education of the refugee children directly by financing teacher’s salaries.