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Alternative Help Association (AHA!)– Help, where it is needed

Millions of people are on their way to Europe. Meanwhile western countries are trying to somehow mismanage the consequences of the mass migration, the neighbouring countries to for example Syria are under pressure. At the same time many European help organizations ignore or even support the exodus, only fighting the symptoms.

The Alternative Help Association, shortly AHA! or alternative Help, was founded as a society in summer 2017. Main aim is the concrete and practical realization of the identitarian demand of local aid in the countries of origin.

Local aid –  fighing the cause of migration
We are convinced that the mass migration to Europe cannot be a solution. Only a small percentage of the needy persons can afford the transfer, mostly they are from rather wealthy families. In Europe they do not find the paradise, they were looking for. This conclusion comes too late for many. The only relief are to help to create positive future perspectives in the countries of origin. Only if people believe in a future at home and have a prospect to return to their home countries, the migration pressure on Europe and at the same time the brain drain for the countries of origin can be reduced. This however means that through a local long term perspective above all young people have to be convinced to not search for a pretended paradise in Europe or elsewhere.

Alternative Help
Our goal is, to help people to help themselves locally, so that they see a future at home, for themselves, their families and their villages and homes. For us it is important, to not establish ourselves as an organization locally, but to be abdicable from the beginning and reduce our help to financial and conceptual skills and hints. This should be the main  purpose of any western help organization. This is why we see ourselves as an alternative help, because we do not want to establish our organisation in infrastructural meanings in the long term. We want the money to be for the needy.

Our aims

  • Local aid in the countries of origin
  • Help people to help themselves
  • Godparenthood for families in need
  • Educational support for children
  • To achieve good results with little money

As a help organisation we are free from any confessional or political ambitions. We concentrate on the primary aim, to help the people locally in the countries of origin and to try to give them a perspective. We respect the actual government and the president of the Syrian Republic. The aim of the international politics should be the commitment for inmediate peace in Syria and not the prolonging of a brutal war of cynical discussions about the legitimacy of the head of the state or delivering of weapons to irregular islamistic units.


We need your help

Please help us to support projects in the countries of origin and help us to build a future perspective for the people at home