Our projects

Local aid in Libanon

Some of our activists flew to Lebanon to meet with Syrian families, who took shelter in refugee camps there. These families told about their struggle to pay the rent for the camp site and showed their poor living conditions. Therefore we decided to pay the monthly rent for the less wealthy families by raising money among European patriots. As a result, these families have a daily sorrow less and more money left to invest in their children’s education and future. We are also planning on promoting the education of the refugee children directly by financing teacher’s salaries.

Our focus lies on actual needy families, for example those which have lost their wage earner in the war, without regarding their religious belief or political opinion. By donating 50 US$ you can help paying the rent of one family for one month. This money goes directly towards the refugees, as our projects are managed by locals and we are working on a voluntary basis.

Within two years, a larger portion of the Syrian refugees are expected to return home. So we want to shift our association’s attention to Syria in the medium-term and help these rebuilding their home country.

Local aid in Syria

The Syrian civil war has cost more than 250.00 lives since 2011 and has forced half of the 24 million Syrians to seek temporary asylum. Meanwhile, the fighting has ceased in some parts of the country, but the situation is still disastrous. Hardly anyone who stayed in the country has returned to a daily routine. Many towns are still in ruins and most of the infrastructure has been destroyed during the war. There is yet much that needs to be rebuilt.

We have planned two projects in Syria, that will help the locals rebuilding their towns and economy. For each project we will need about 10.000 US$, which we hope to obtain via fundraising. Our undertaking wants to follow the example and spirit of Father Paolo, who served at the Deir Mar Musa and became a victim of the war. By donating, you can improve the living conditions of those suffering from the civil war and give them perspective and hope again.

We also intend to offer young patriots the opportunity of going to Syria and directly help with the reconstruction on a voluntary basis. On this occasion, they will also have the chance of exploring the beautiful landscapes of Syria and enjoying the hospitality and kindness of its people. This and Syria’s many historical sites have contributed to Syria being a popular travel destination in the past. Please support the tourism in Syria with your visit.

With the families returning home in the foreseeable future more projects will follow.

Please accompany us and the Syrian families on their journey home.